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Wildlife Observation Trail/Equestrian Rules

Equestrian access to the Refuge is dependent upon self-policing and common courtesy.

1. Ride only on designated horse trails (see map) and only with a group leader. Horse trails are flagged with blue tape.

2. Remove all trash upon leaving the Refuge. This includes items taken on the trail or generated in the parking lot.

3. Remove manure from the parking lot and scatter thoroughly in a natural area, or take it with you.

4. If you see a water bottle or other trash dropped inadvertently by another rider, please stop and retrieve it for removal. We, the riders, must be responsible for trail maintenance.

5. Please report travel obstructions such as downed, large trees or washouts to the Visitors’ Center or to a Friends’ Group Equestrian Committee member.

6. Avoid raucous behavior or loud noises, both on the trail and in the parking area. Remember we share the Refuge with others.

7. No ATVs may be used at the Refuge.

8. Violation of any of these rules may result in loss of access.

I/We understand and will comply with these rules.



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